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12 survival tricks from the Eagle Scouts you'd need to master if you're stranded and have to fend for yourself

  • Members of Scouts BSA need to learn a variety of skills before becoming an Eagle Scout. 
  • These skills include how to survive in extreme conditions, whether you’re alone in the wilderness or need to stay afloat in water.
  • We rounded up the top 12 most useful survival tricks Eagle Scouts learn.
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If you’re worried about the apocalypse destroying your home or an airplane leaving you stranded on an island, keep an Eagle Scout in your company.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest honor a member of the Boy Scouts of America can attain (the Scouts BSA began accepting girls in their program last year).

To earn the title of Eagle Scout, Scouts must learn practical and leadership skills before applying for the title in a lengthy review process.

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Some skills include survival hacks that can come in handy on camping trips or if you ever get lost in the wilderness. We put together the 12 most useful tips that everyone should know.

Keep scrolling to learn everything from tying a bowline knot to inflating your pants so it becomes a flotation device.

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Eagle Scouts can start a fire anywhere — even in the rain.

The trick to this is to look for a piece of wood that is standing upright (as it will be the least wet) and split it with a sharp knife. Next, put the wood against your cheek to see if its center feels dry.

If the center is dry, start shaving wafer-thin sections of the wood. You’ll use this as tinder for the fire. Meanwhile, cut foot-long pieces of the wood, which you’ll use as a base for your tinder. Set the sticks across the base, spacing them about half an inch apart.

Assemble the shavings on top. Light a match directly underneath the tinder, using a piece of cotton to accelerate the process. When you see the first flame, continue hand-feeding it shavings.

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Source: Scouting Magazine

If they’re stuck without a compass, Eagle Scouts can figure out which direction is north with only a stick.

To do this, first place a stick or branch into the ground in a straight position so that it casts a shadow. Mark the shadow with a stone or a twig. This will become the west point.

Wait about 10 to 15 minutes and the shadow tip will have moved. Mark the new position of the shadow tip with another stone or branch.

Draw a straight line through or use another piece of wood to connect the two marks together and form an east-west line. Stand with the first mark (the west point) to your left and the second mark (the east point) to your right, and you’ll be facing north.

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Source: Boy Scouts Of America Troop 780


Eagle Scouts know how to make a bowline knot, a non-slip loop that can be used for rescue work.

To make a bowline, start by first forming a loop on the top of the line. Next, pass the free end of the rope thorough the loop. Then bring it back around the standing end again. 

Continue around the stand end and then bring it back through the small loop.

Finally, pull the rope to tighten the knot, and you’ll have a loop that will maintain its size and structure.

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