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Audi RS7 Performance review pictures specs

I by no means preferred the Audi A7 a lot.

Since the German automaker first offered it because the Sportback thought on the Detroit Auto Show in 2009, and later produced the hulking, four-door, four-passenger automobile in 2010, I noticed the A7 because the red-headed stepchild of the Audi emblem. You’ll must excuse the clichéd expression, however I used to be no longer a fan.

The A7 used to be lengthy like an asphalt-bound freightliner, the steeply-raked roofline and the abrupt rear finish gave the semblance of a squatting, hump-backed brute. Its dour rear fascia — the rear lights and rear bumper jointly — had a type of perma-grimace to them, like a bulldog.

It’s an peculiar automobile in an Audi line this is the world over famend for swish European design. For me, the A7 used to be a automobile that by no means will have to were made.

But any other model of the A7 modified my thoughts. Audi Sport, the automobile maker’s racing department answerable for pumping a make a choice few Audi cars with further the whole thing, remodeling them into muscular street torpedoes dripping with horsepower, carried out this kind of remedy at the skeleton of an A7, generating the twin-turbo, eight-cylinder, 605-horsepower RS7 Performance.

Audi just lately despatched me one in Panther Black Crystal for a weeklong test-drive. I figured this may well be the only to modify my thoughts.

2017 Audi RS7Audi RS7 Performance.Bryan Logan/Business Insider

Oh, my.

The RS7 Performance is the quickest and fittest member of the A7 line, however not like the A7, it is constructed by means of the Audi Sport racing department. “Performance” is not only a reputation right here, it is a part of this automobile’s DNA.

The RS7 Performance is the fastest and fittest member of the A7 line, but unlike the A7, it's built by the Audi Sport racing division. "Performance" isn't just a name here, it's part of this car's DNA.

Bryan Logan/Business Insider

The Performance fashion we drove cranks out 605 horsepower and as much as 553 pound-feet of torque — a bump from the 560 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque within the “entry-level” RS7.

The value distinction between the bottom RS7 and the RS7 Performance we drove? About $37,000.

Those 605 ponies release the RS7 Performance to 60 mph in three.6 seconds, in keeping with Audi.

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