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Beverly D. Hall writes for Entreprenuers and Leadership sections in AmericaRichest.

What3words entices investment from Sony’s Innovation Fund

A universal system to index the world’s locations might sound ambitious, but that’s exactly what Chris Sheldrick and Cambridge mathematician Mohan Ganesalingam set out to build six years ago with What3words. Their mnemonic alternative to longitude and latitude coordinates consists of 57 trillion three-meter-by-three-meter squares spanning the entire globe, each associated with …

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Tron’s 28-year-old CEO wants to use blockchain games and BitTorrent to decentralize the internet

An estimated 80 percent of the companies that raised funding via initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been called scams by researchers at the Satis Group. But Justin Sun, the 28-year-old CEO of Tron, wants to prove that his company is different. Sun, a Chinese entrepreneur who became wealthy as the …

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China’s tropical island, Hainan, wants to be the top spot for foreign tech startups

China’s President Xi Jinping is taking big steps to improve the country’s economy as the trade war with the U.S. continues. In November, he enacted a number of measures that will expand imports and liberalize key sectors in the economy, predicting that China’s imports of goods and services will exceed …

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Pro.com raises $33 million to match home renovators with general contractors

Home improvement is easier said than done, depending on the complexity of the job at hand. Finding a reliable contractor takes weeks, if you’re lucky. And if you’re not, botched jobs and construction delays can turn a straightforward remodel into a renovation from hell. That’s where Pro.com comes in — or …

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Square’s new debit card gives merchants instant access to funds, discounts with other sellers

Square is offering business owners their very own Square debit card, one that gives sellers immediate access to their funds after a sale. Businesses that sign up for Square Card will initially also receive a 2.75 percent discount on all purchases made with other sellers on the Square platform. Though …

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