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Beverly D. Hall writes for Entreprenuers and Leadership sections in AmericaRichest.

CyberX raises $18 million to protect industrial control systems from cyberattack

Connected control systems form the core component of machinery across critical sectors, helping to manage everything from electrical substations and HVAC installations to fleets of factory floor robots. But alarmingly, they’re largely unprotected. According to a 2018 survey published by Kaspersky Labs, only 23 percent of respondents said their infrastructure …

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We need more female entrepreneurs. Universities can help create them | Alice Gast and Alexsis de Raadt St James | Education

Samuel Beckett’s “Try again. Fail again. Fail better” has inspired generations of entrepreneurs. But who gets to try, fail and fail again? Men. For a sector that thrives on disruptive ideas, the startup world is surprisingly regressive when it comes to funding female-led innovation. This is where universities can step …

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Why you should rebuild your business as often as possible

Over the course of my company’s 15 year trajectory, we’ve never stopped rebuilding it. Rebuilding isn’t an option; it’s the only way forward. It’s how we adapt to market conditions, client requirements, and employee needs. A rebuilding mentality drives forward-thinking practices and ultimately ensures that we stay not just relevant …

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Automata wants to democratize industrial automation with a $6,600 desktop robotic arm

Despite lingering fears that “robots” are coming to steal our jobs, automation is infiltrating just about every facet of society, from supermarkets to repetitive software-based jobs and even the creative industries. And one London-based startup wants to capitalize on this growing trend by bringing an affordable desktop-based industrial robot to …

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Guesty raises $35 million to help property managers oversee all their rentals on Airbnb and more

The global vacation rental market was estimated to be a $169 billion industry in 2018, according to research from travel industry outlet Skift, with marketplaces such as Airbnb helping to drive demand for residential properties among holidaymakers. Against that backdrop, Guesty — a property management platform for short-term rentals — …

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