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PlayStation’s Dominic Mallinson on next-gen VR, wireless, gaze tracking, foveated rendering, and AR

PlayStation is winning the high-end VR battle. Sony has sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR headsets as of March, as Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president of R&D at Sony, made sure to point out at Collision 2019 in Toronto this week. “We’re very happy with those numbers and very happy with …

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Palmer Luckey: I left Facebook enraged, but Zuckerberg is VR’s top backer

Though the exact circumstances of Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey’s March 2017 departure from Facebook have remained somewhat ambiguous, he’s now talking openly about the reason: He was fired after backing a pro-Trump group, a decision that left him with “hate and rage” towards Facebook. Yet he says he still …

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Cardinal Analytx raises $22 million to predict high-cost health plan members

Palo Alto, California-based Cardinal Analytx Solutions, which develops and maintains predictive analytics software for health care payers and providers, today announced that it has secured $22 million in a series B round led by Kleiner Perkins chair John Doerr, with participation from strategic investors GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, Blue Shield …

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Fyusion raises $3 million from Itochu for 3D imaging and machine learning

Fyusion has raised $3 million in funding from Japan’s Itochu trading company to expand sales of its technology that combines 3D imaging, computer vision, and machine learning to drive ecommerce. That’s a new direction for the five-year-old company, which a couple of years ago was focused on taking smartphone pictures …

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