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Z-Score and Standard Deviation: What’s the Difference?

Z-Score and Standard Deviation: An Overview Although the finance industry can be complex, an understanding of the calculation and interpretation of basic mathematical building blocks is still the foundation for success, whether in accounting, economics or investing. Standard deviation and Z-score are two such fundamentals. A firm grasp of how to …

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Contango vs. Normal Backwardation: What’s the Difference?

Contango vs. Normal Backwardation: An Overview The shape of the futures curve is important to commodity hedgers and speculators. Both care about whether commodity futures markets are contango markets or normal backwardation markets. In 1993, the German company Metallgesellschaft famously lost more than $1 billion, mostly because management deployed a hedging …

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Dow Jones Futures: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon Drive Current Stock Market Rally; StoneCo, Tilray Up Late

Dow Jones futures rose slightly late Monday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. In Monday’s session, the major averages rose modestly even with Boeing stock weighing on Dow Jones. The world’s most valuable companies, Dow tech giants Microsoft and Apple stock, continued to outperform. No. 3Amazon stock cleared …

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