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Who are some examples of people in the tech industry who started a side gig that eventually made enough for them to quit their jobs?

In SaaS, the stand-out example may be Mailchimp. Mailchimp is now approaching $1 billion in ARR and is 100% bootstrapped. And it started off as a true side project: “Mailchimp, named after their most popular ­e-card character, launched in 2001 and remained a side project for several years, earning a …

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At $20m ARR or Above? Join the SaaStr CXO Summit at 2020 Annual, with 200+ Top CXOs and More

We’re adding a bunch of exciting things to 2020 SaaStr Annual, including our first-ever SaaStr CXO Summit. This will be an incredible event-within-an-event on March 11, bringing together 150+ top enterprise CIOs, CDOs, CMOs and more (i.e., leading buyers of enterprise Cloud products) and 200+ of the top SaaS and …

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How did you get started creating your SaaStr community, and how could I get started on making one for a different industry?

I certainly never would have predicted that answering a few questions on Quora and a few blog posts in 2012 and 2013 would eventually lead to a global community with 50,000+ attending our global events, 150,000,000+ views of our content, 2,000,000+ downloads of our podcasts, etc. But I have at …

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