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Existing Conditions Uses Ingredients No One Else Has

Existing Conditions pushes the bounds between science and cocktails.Eric Medsker

A typical cocktail might take lower than three minutes to make. But one drink in New York was thousands and thousands of years within the making.

Existing Conditions, a newly opened bar in Greenwich Village, takes liberties with the thought of sourcing components, with playful and stunning outcomes. The bar is the newest enterprise from Dave Arnold (previously of Booker & Dax), Greg Boehm (who based Cocktail Kingdom and is the co-owner of Mace) and Don Lee, a former bar supervisor at PDT.

“Most people, when they are making a drink, look at the back bar the way a painter would,” co-founder Don Lee says. “If you do not have the paint you need, you will go to the artwork retailer and purchase it.”

Instead of counting on the identical batch of components accessible to their friends, “we go out of our way to find things that aren’t being used,” Lee says. “And then it’s an exercise in editing, of removing as much as possible until you get that one expression. As soon as you drink it, you’re like, ah, I understand this is what you’re trying to do.”

The Saratoga Paloma at Existing Conditions.Eric Medsker

The signature ingredient within the Saratoga Paloma, for instance, is a particular kind of fizzy mineral water. But the bar’s house owners bypassed the seltzer man in favor of one thing each uncommon and freely out there: pure mineral water straight out of the bottom. Their supply? Saratoga State Park in upstate New York, which is house to a singular geological function: naturally-occurring chilly, carbonated mineral water.

“As a New York state taxpayer, this water belongs to me and you,” Lee says. “If you go to Saratoga, there are 18 springs, all different flavors of mineral water.”

Sampling every of the varied completely different flavors of mineral water gave him and his colleagues the “worst hangover” they’ve ever had, Lee says drily. “It’s so salty. I’ve been drinking water all day but I’m dehydrated. I feel bloated and terrible the next day.”

The crew ultimately settled on water from one spring, Hawthorne #three. It’s about as third as salty because the ocean, Lee says. “It’s concentrated sufficient, and it has that distinctive taste profile the place we will use it as an ingredient.

“Now we have this thing that no one else is working with. How do we show off that flavor?”

The result’s a tequila-based drink, impressed by the basic Paloma cocktail, however with clarified grapefruit and clarified lime juice. The Hawthorne mineral water provides salinity to the concoction in a approach that is much like a margarita’s salted rim.

The mineral water’s purities are monitored by New York state, and it is not processed by the bar. The bar may use about 20 gallons a month; to this point, the bar house owners are counting on an off-the-cuff community of pals to assist replenish the water. Lee estimates it prices round $60 price of gasoline and tolls to move the water from its house to downtown Manhattan.

Similar care is present in every drink on the menu, even the non-alcoholic drinks. 

The Stingless at Existing Conditions.Eric Medsker

The Stingless drink options Melipona honey, which is simply present in Mexico and is made by an endangered honey bee. The honey is prized in some circles for its purported well being advantages.

“We had to find somebody in Mexico that’s part of this national group trying to protect this endangered species, convince them that we’re not terrible people, convince them to sell us this honey, and then somehow get it smuggled across the border into the U.S. and keep it refrigerated the whole time,” Lee says in a single breath.

“When we go through all the trouble to find this thing, we don’t want to hide it.” The Melipona honey is mixed with clarified lemon and a whiff of vanilla, then carbonated.

Other drinks to look out for embrace bottled Martinis, Manhattans and a popcorn-infused rum Highball delivered through a frosty merchandising machine plus a dinner menu that features the reply to “What if we made a sandwich that combined a Philly cheesesteak with French onion soup?”.

If the objects on the menu are intentionally and tenaciously sourced, then the house itself is nearly its reverse idea, however probably not.

The time period “Existing Conditions” refers to an architectural report that describes an area as it’s, earlier than development can begin. But reasonably than demolish the house and begin anew, the Existing Conditions crew determined to go away as a lot untouched as attainable. The house, due to this fact, turns into its personal discovered object, repurposed for a brand new use.

“It’s been a weird exercise in archeology, where we sift though the different layers of civilization that existed before us,” Lee notes.

As far as the brand new house owners can inform, not less than three bars beforehand inhabited the house on West eighth Street, and every new bar added some design parts, resembling a hearth with floor-to-ceiling stonework, which was later coated with bottle lockers, for some motive.  “A contractor took over this space and from what we can tell, he just took leftover stuff from different construction sites and started slapping it here,” Lee says. “It’s just bizarre. It doesn’t make any sense why these things would be together.”

Despite the design quirks, the house owners made as little adjustments to the house as attainable. The chairs, stools, the flooring, the cabinets and the again bar had been repainted and cleaned, however in any other case got here with the venue. The mirror on the highest again bar, for instance, nonetheless bears the title of one of many earlier bars, Affair on eighth.

“The only thing we changed is we moved the bar further out 13 inches,” Lee says. The bar wanted to be large enough for his or her tools and for 2 folks to have the ability to move one another.

In the top, the darkish wooden room with gray and white accents and delicate lighting is supposed to be interesting and cozy. “We want this to be like your living room,” Lee says.

Existing Conditions co-founders Dave Arnold and Don Lee.Eric Medsker

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