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Find the Top Retirement Cities in California

The glamorous sun-and-surf image of California, in reality, applies to only a tiny strip of expensive coastline in this enormously diverse and beautiful state. Finding affordable options for retirement in the Golden State means opening your mind geographically, although even in the less-expensive areas you will face home prices higher than the national average of $214,900 for listed homes. For perspective, consider that the median price for homes listed in all of California is $409,000. 

Before you pack up and call the movers, you should know, too, that California is not the most retiree-friendly state in terms of either its cost of living or tax laws. Although Social Security payouts aren’t taxed, California is one of only a handful of states that taxes pensions and other forms of retirement income. (See The Best States to Retire to For Tax Reasons.)

If you’ve already built these costs into your retirement budget and are determined to live the West Coast dream, though, here are some top locations you’ll want to consider. 

Best of the North:


Redding—If You Like it Hot

Best of the Central Coast:

San Luis Obispo (SLO)

Best of the South:

Riverside—Travel Connections

Palm Springs—Celebrity History

The Bottom Line

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