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Is It a Good Idea to Pass Microsoft 70-767 and Use Practice Tests and Exam Dumps During Preparation?

Many candidates are considering earning the MCSA certificatesoffered by Microsoft. It helps all of them to greatly boost up in their career path. But to obtainsuch a credential, the students need to pass one or two exams. That is why, in this article, we will explore the details of one of the associate-level certification tests – Microsoft 70-767.

Microsoft 70-767 is an exam that is intended for the developers who extract, transform, and load data. This process is also called ETL. It is also targeted atthose specialists who create BI (business intelligence) solutions.The candidates for this test are expected to have knowledge of designing, implementing, and maintaining a data warehouse. They also should have the relevant knowledge and skills in building data quality solutions.

Microsoft 70-767: Exam Details

So, what is the Exam-Labs Microsoft Dumps 70-767 exam? Well, this is a certification testthat is designed to effectively create ETLs, interact with Azure technologies such as Azure DW and Big Data, and maintain the data with DQS (Data Quality Services). This exam leads to the MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Developmentcredential. It is offered by Microsoft through Pearson VUE. The test will cost you $165, and you can take it in English, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese. The time allocated to complete this exam is 90 minutes. You should answer between 40 and 60 questions of different types within this time.

Microsoft 70-767 is a certification exam focused on SQL Server 2016. This is a very important test in the IT industry because about 75% is SQL Server 2016 on-premises. The remaining 25% is about Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Big Data, and the related topics.

Microsoft 70-767: Skills Measured

To be able to take any certification exam and pass it with a high score, you have to master the skills that will be evaluated during the actual test.The Microsoft 70-767 exam measures the ability of the candidates to accomplish the following technical tasks:

  • Design, maintain, and implement a data warehouse

The questions testing on this topic are majorly about designing and implementing dimension tables, fact tables, indexes, designing storage, and designing and implementing partitioned tables and views. This topic area constitutes about 35-40% of the total marks in the exam.

  • Extract, load, and transform data

The Microsoft 70-767 exam measures your skills foreffectively extracting, transforming, and loading data. The questions from this topic area make up about 40-45% of the test. The questions aligned to this domain evaluateif you can design and effectively implement and extract, as well as load the control flow by utilizing a SQL SSIS (Server Integration Services) package. You are required to have knowledge ofdesigning and implementing of ETL control flow elements, including tasks, containers, and precedence constraints; implementation of data profiling, transactions, security, and logging; creation of checkpoints, loop containers and sequence, and variables in SSIS, as well as parameters and variables.

In this topic, the students are also tested on their ability to use the SSIS package to design and implement an ETL data flow, an ETL solution, which supports incremental data extraction, an ETL solution with the support of incremental data loading, debug SSIS packages, and deployment and configuration of Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages and projects.

  • Build data quality solutions

The Microsoft 70-767 exam also assesses your skills to build data quality solutions. The questions aligned to this topic area represent about 15-20% of the total marks in the certification test. You are expected to know how to create a knowledge base, use DQS to maintain data quality, implement an MDS (Master Data Services) model, and manage data by using MDS.

You should bear in mind that the above-mentioned skills are the general guidelines on what will most likely be in the exam content but not the comprehensive list. Some questions may come from other topic areas as well. So, the learners preparing for Microsoft 70-767 should study widely and use a variety of study materials.Passing this certification test requires thorough preparation using various training resources. There are useful, verified, up-to-dateprep tools on the Exam-Labs website.They have been compiled by the experienced professionals who are well-versed with everything that the 70-767 exam entails. The students are also advised to check out the following resources offered by this site: video tutorials, study bundles, blog articles, exam dumps, practice tests, PDF files, etc. All these materials will help you make you preparation process interesting and effective.

Microsoft 70-767: Reasons to Pass

Passing the Microsoft 70-767 exam verifies that an individual has mastered the skills needed to become a certified professional. There are so many reasons why you should thrive to pass this test. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Microsoft is a prominent vendor of IT certifications and products. By passing the Microsoft 70-767 test, you will earn the credential, which is recognized and highly-valued across the IT industry. Adding such a certificate to your resume allows you to apply for a relevant IT position anywhere in the world.
  • To pass theMicrosoft 70-767 exam, you must have the skills required to provide the necessary solutions. Passing this test validates that you have mastered all the skills, and a company or an organization can depend on you to provide specific technical solutions both on the expert and associate levels.
  • Getting certified exposes you to huge employment opportunities. After adding this exam to your resume and after being certified, you will stand out among other job seekers and you will be better placed to get a job as compared to your peers who do not have a certification yet.
  • A Microsoft credential is a proof of your dedication and hard work. You will be seen by your potential employers or by your boss as someone who strives to grow both professionally and personally. This will make them more willing and ready to work with you.


It takes a lot of effort to master any kind of skills. To become a certified developer, you must prove that you have the knowledge needed in data cleansing and warehouse implementation. Studying for the Microsoft 70-767 exam equips you with the knowledge and skills required to complete these tasks.So, don’t miss your chance to become a certified specialist and grab this opportunity as soon as possible.

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