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I use these 15 little YouTube tricks on a daily basis, and it makes the experience so much better

On mobile, swipe left of right while you’re watching a video to move on to the next video.

Easily navigate between videos with a simple horizontal swipe. The swipe gesture is recognized anywhere on the Watch page, including in full-screen mode. Swiping left (finger swipe right to left) navigates to the next video, while swiping right (finger swipe right to left) navigates to the previous video.

On mobile, you can double-tap the left or right of the video to rewind or fast forward in 10-second increments.

If you have kids, YouTube has a YouTube Kids mobile app that’s safer to use when you’re around them, or when your kids are watching YouTube videos.

Try using captions when you can’t or don’t want to play a video with sound.

Search for videos using similar keywords and techniques as an advanced Google search.

Turn on dark mode. It’s easier on the eyes when you’re in a dark room, and it looks sleek, too.

Save a video for later when you can’t watch it right then and there.

You can share a video that starts at a specific time stamp.

Play videos at different speeds.

On Android devices and iPad, you can get a floating mini window of a video while you do other things around your device.

On computers, use the Miniplayer to keep watching the video in a small window while you keep browsing around YouTube.

On computers, make the video bigger without going full-screen.

On computers, you can see a preview of a video by hovering the mouse over a video’s thumbnail.

On computers, there are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to control a video’s playback.

Use voice commands to cast YouTube videos from your Google Home to your TV.

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