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Podcast pornography: how a visual-free erotica website for women was created | Guardian Careers

Nothing about Caroline Spiegel would suggest she’s at the helm of a new women’s porn site – except, perhaps, the background on her phone. The face of her cracked iPhone screen bears the cartoon likeness of Wonder Woman masturbating, a word Spiegel refers to as “gettin’ it done”. And getting …

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How women created some of the world’s biggest education tech companies | Guardian Careers

Everything’s going digital, and that includes education. From homework management apps to virtual reality geometry lessons, there’s plenty on offer from companies competing for a slice of the sizeable global market for online learning. Education technology (edtech) exports are worth £170m to the UK economy and the Department for Education …

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Cheating Death: Inside the Cryonics Institute, Where Your Body Is Frozen With Hopes of Revival

Until the day he died, in 2011, Robert Ettinger hoped humanity would figure out a way to cheat death. Today, his body is stored in a cryonic vessel filled with liquid nitrogen and frozen to –196 degrees Celsius. He lies in cryopreservation at the Cryonics Institute in Michigan—which he founded—alongside …

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