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Financial illiteracy could be problem for Facebook Libra use

Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio. Tom Williams | CQ-Roll Call Group | Getty Images Lawmakers interrogated David Marcus, Facebook’s cryptocurrency chief, asking how the company will educate the 1.7 million unbanked customers it plans to reach. Elected officials at the House Financial Services Committee hosted a hearing on Wednesday to discuss …

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The Social App That Tells You When You’re Mean

El Kaliouby’s company makes AI systems that analyze human perception and attempt to draw inferences about people’s emotional states. Using machine learning, the systems try to automatically identify “facial action units” based on categories devised by the psychologists Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen in the 1970s. After analyzing millions …

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Facebook and YouTube’s ‘Platform’ Excuse Is Dying

Facebook stuck to its guns, while YouTube eventually “demonetized” Crowder’s account. Both decisions were mocked and defended, crystallizing just how disputed the terrain of content moderation on platforms has become. The idea of “a platform” doesn’t make sense anymore, and it’s being challenged from every direction. Beyond the Maza-Crowder dispute, …

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