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People who’ve had their student debt forgiven give their advice

Matt Tremel Saxophonist, U.S. Navy The Education Department forgave Tremel’s $14,000 in student debt earlier this yr. “I was ecstatic,” he mentioned. His advice would possibly sound somewhat cynical. “You can’t trust anybody who tells you something,” he mentioned. For instance, Tremel verified, by way of the Education Department’s web …

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Starting a business when you have student loans can be a challenge

Often, new business house owners make little or no cash for themselves whereas they’re working to get their enterprise off the bottom, mentioned Mark Kantrowitz, writer of SavingForCollege.com. Therefore, they need to see in the event that they qualify for a deferment or forbearance, short-term postponements of their student mortgage …

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A college degree is worth more in some cities than others

The strongest job markets for college graduates in mid-sized cities embody California-Lexington Park in Maryland and Hanford-Corcoran, California. In massive cities, current graduates will doubtless discover themselves in-demand in Merced and Bakersfield, California. On the opposite hand, a college degree is unlikely to get you in the door in mid-sized …

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