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Here’s the long-lost 1975 TV show that Jeff Bezos makes people watch to understand what his space company is all about

Win McNamee/Getty ImagesJeff Bezos Jeff Bezos requested a reporter to watch a PBS particular from 1975 earlier than agreeing to be interviewed about Blue Origin, his rocket company.  The particular, that includes famed science fiction creator Isaac Asimov and physicist Gerard O’Neill, discusses the want for humanity to depart Earth – one …

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Florida homeowners got a surprise when 4 kittens fell out of their attic after the roof collapsed during Hurricane Michael

ABC NewsABC’s Rob Marciano holds up 4 kittens that have been discovered hiding in a household’s attic during Hurricane Michael. Thursday morning, ABC News’ Rob Marciano confirmed off 4 kittens that have been rescued after Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, Florida. Marciano mentioned he spoke with a household who rode …

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Tesla needs over $1 billion in cash over the next 6 months, and Wall Street is going nuts figuring out where it’s going to come from

John Raoux/AP ImagesTesla CEO Elon Musk Tesla has round $1 billion in debt coming due over the next six months, and proper now it does not have the cash to cowl it and preserve its enterprise operating. Analysts say Tesla ought to increase the cash by returning to public markets, …

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Check out our exclusive list of the top 12 venture capital firms making deals in the booming marijuana industry

Shayanne Gal/ Business InsiderRead Business Insider’s exclusive list of the top VC firms in the hashish industry. Ever since Colorado legalized hashish for all adults in 2014, the hashish industry has blossomed, with a mess of corporations competing to scale up as extra states legalize the drug. With so few …

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‘First Man’ screenwriter explains what upset him the most about the flag-planting controversy

Daniel McFadden/Universal“First Man.” “First Man” screenwriter Josh Singer spoke to Business Insider about the controversy surrounding the indisputable fact that, in the film, there isn’t a scene of the American flag being planted on the moon. Singer informed Business Insider that “if you see the film you understand why” that …

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‘Our toehold in space is at extreme risk’: Russia’s rocket failure has thrown astronaut access to the International Space Station into limbo

ReutersRussia’s Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft launched two crew members on Thursday however failed in mid-flight. A Soyuz rocket carrying a NASA astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut failed in mid-flight on Thursday. The two crew members had a tough descent again to Earth, however survived with none obvious harm. Roscosmos, Russia’s space …

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