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How women created some of the world’s biggest education tech companies | Guardian Careers

Everything’s going digital, and that includes education. From homework management apps to virtual reality geometry lessons, there’s plenty on offer from companies competing for a slice of the sizeable global market for online learning. Education technology (edtech) exports are worth £170m to the UK economy and the Department for Education …

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Three States Granted ICE Access to DMV Photos

“The purpose of driver’s licenses is to keep people safe, not to enable ICE to terrorize immigrant communities,” says Jake Snow, a technology and civil-liberties attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union. “Neither Congress nor the states have ever legislatively authorized this conduct.” But the surveillance apparatus is remarkable precisely …

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The Social App That Tells You When You’re Mean

El Kaliouby’s company makes AI systems that analyze human perception and attempt to draw inferences about people’s emotional states. Using machine learning, the systems try to automatically identify “facial action units” based on categories devised by the psychologists Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen in the 1970s. After analyzing millions …

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Cheating Death: Inside the Cryonics Institute, Where Your Body Is Frozen With Hopes of Revival

Until the day he died, in 2011, Robert Ettinger hoped humanity would figure out a way to cheat death. Today, his body is stored in a cryonic vessel filled with liquid nitrogen and frozen to –196 degrees Celsius. He lies in cryopreservation at the Cryonics Institute in Michigan—which he founded—alongside …

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