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There Is No Pickup-Truck Emoji, But Lots of Other Transportation Emoji

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling automobile within the United States for the previous 35 years. But you wouldn’t understand it from taking a look at your smartphone.

There are 54 emoji to symbolize completely different modes of transportation, not less than on trendy iPhones. A mind-boggling 12 of them depict trains: You can textual content a buddy all the things from a light-rail automotive to a steam locomotive to the shinkansen. There’s a pink coupe, a yellow taxi, an ambulance. There is even a scooter emoji.

But there isn’t a pickup-truck emoji.

I made the invention earlier this week once I was attempting to textual content my brother a pickup truck. (Like many younger male Americans, I generally take into account exploring new frontiers in rugged charadery by buying a 10-year-old Toyota Tacoma.) Then I found there have been none to ship.

The pickup truck just isn’t the one vehicular lacuna within the emojick pantheon. The Emoji Motors Dealership, stationed on some county freeway beneath a gargantuan stars-and-stripes, would exit of enterprise fairly rapidly. Thirty-five p.c of new vehicles bought within the United States in 2017 had been crossovers, but there isn’t a logographic Subaru Outback or Honda HR-V. There isn’t even a minivan emoji. Just about the one utility automobile within the emoji paddock is a supply truck, however these are service autos, poorly suited to off-roading, and likewise insufficiently virile.

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