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Where do US immigrants come from? Map of most common countries

The US is a nation of immigrants from all around the world.

The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey asks millions of people every year detailed questions about their social, economic, and demographic situations. One of the questions asks respondents what their country of birth is. The Census Bureau pooled together survey responses between 2013 and 2017, allowing the Bureau’s statisticians to publish estimates of how many people in the foreign-born population in each state and DC came from various countries.

The percentage of the population born outside the US varies widely from state to state. Among those immigrant populations, countries of origin also vary widely.

For 32 states, the most common country of birth among respondents who said they were born outside the US was Mexico. The map above, then, looks at the country other than Mexico that is the birthplace of the most foreign-born respondents in the survey.

India tops that list in 21 states. Several states have Canada as a major source of immigrants. Several Asian, African, and Central American countries also have large immigrant populations in various states.

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